The Saddle Horse Report/Morgan Weanling Gala Performance Incentive Award

Our Performance Incentive Champion from the Class of 2015

CINGATE ALL STAR (Merriehill After Hours x Cingate Starry Night)
Owned by Glitter Farms LLC
Presented by Lauren Osborne
Trained by John & Belle Hufferd
Sire Nominated by Cingate Morgans - Gaeton & Cindy Lorino
Sire Owned by Ted & Elaine Olsen

Honoree - HE'S DA VINCI'S CODE (SLB Da Vinci x SPR Music By Starlight)
RWC Park Harness Three Year Old
RWC Futurity Park Harness Three Year Old
Owned by Sherry Bartolucci/SLB Farms LLC
Presented by Whitney Bodnar
Trained by Merriehill Farm
Sire Nominated and Owned by Sherry Bartolucci/SLB Farms LLC

Honoree - LEDYARD CODE RED (Astronomicallee x LPS Out Of Bounds)
RWC English Pleasure Three Year Olds
Owned by William Haines/Ledyard Farms
Presented by Katelyn Byler
Trained by Lynn Peeples
Sire Nominated and Owned by CAL III Horses

Our Performance Incentive Champion from the Class of 2014

INTENSE (Spice O'Life Present Tense x S&R's Mephisto's Waltz
Owned by Roxanne Sardelli Greenway
Sire Nominated by Diane Contrady

Total winnings in the Morgan Weanling Gala - $11,716.


The mission of the Morgan Weanling Gala is to promote the future stars of the Morgan industry by providing a spotlight focus on the Weanlings of the Breed.

Since its inception, the Gala has featured great weanlings by the Nominated Sires who have developed into significant influences in our breed – both in the show ring and as breeding horses producing great foals.

For a sire owner, there is no better way to promote your stallion than showing the world what he sires.

For a mare owner, there is no better promotion of your breeding program than to show off the real results of those efforts in a featured event on Championship Night at the Morgan Jubilee.

To further prove the point, the MWG and Saddle Horse Report have implemented the “Performance Incentive Award Program.”

The Performance Incentive Championship is awarded to the first foal(s) sired by a Nominated Sire from each Class year to win a World’s Championship in ANY Performance Division beginning their 2-year-old year for classes of 2016 and 2017. Beginning with the class of 2018, this has changed to beginning in their 3-year-old year to allow greater opportunity.

This will give nominated foals a chance to shine in the performance arena even if they were unable to show in the Gala class as a weanling. We want to continue to recognize the offspring of our Nominated Sires and this program extends those opportunities.

The Performance Incentive Program Award

The Payout is held by year until a nominated son or daughter of a Sire from that Year wins a World’s Championship in a Performance Class – discipline does not matter.  If there is more than one in the same year, the award will be divided equally among them. 

The Award will be $2,500, donated by Saddle Horse Report, PLUS 100% of the Nomination Fees received for that Class Year.  This award will be paid out 75% to then-registered owner and 25% to the nominator of the sire.

In addition, each Champion will receive a customer Blinker Hood from Appointments USA.

Each MWG Class Year will be maintained separately so each Class Year is only competing against themselves for the award.

Eligibility and Nomination

Any weanling by one of the Stallions nominated in that Gala year is eligible for nomination by submitting the Nomination Form available below.

Eligible Sires - 2015 - Class of 2015 Nomination Form
Eligible Sires - 2016 - Class of 2016 Nomination Form
Eligible Sires - 2017 - Class of 2017 Nomination Form
Eligible Sires - 2018 - Class of 2018 Nomination Form
Eligibile Sires - 2019 - Class of 2019 Nomination Form