Morgan Weanling Gala Rules & Procedures

The class is open to all offspring of 2019 nominated stallions provided the stallion owners have fulfilled their financial obligations to the Morgan Weanling Gala.

Nominations are accepted through July 31. Please contact MWG directly to verify Nomination Status of a Stallion listed.

Stallion owners are encouraged to promote the stallion’s Morgan Weanling Gala eligibility and inform mare owners of the class and its location.

Entry fee is $250.00. Entries are due on or before closing date of entries for the Jubilee Morgan Horse Show. Post entries are accepted until 3 p.m. of the day preceding the class at additional post entry fee of $250.00.

No entries will be accepted once the draw for order of appearance begins.

Entries must meet all requirements of the MWG and MUST be made on the official entry form of the Jubilee Morgan Horse Show and returned to the show secretary.
No refunds of entry fees will be made without a Vet’s certificate.

All owners must provide their Social Security numbers on their entries in order to receive potential prize money. Winnings will not be paid without these numbers. No Winnings can be paid out until all Payees have satisfied this requirement.

The Morgan Weanling Gala will be conducted in two rounds with three Judges officiating. Each round will be scored separately and no scores will carry over from round one to round two.

USEF rules will prevail.

In the first round, each foal will show individually.

A random drawing will be held on the day preceding the class to determine the order of appearance of each foal. Any owner or trainer who is showing more than one entry and draws consecutive spots will be given a new draw.

After entering the ring, each foal will have up to two minutes in which to be judged. The entry shall be judged standing and then at the trot. The handler then has the remainder of the two minutes to show the entry to its best advantage. At the end of the time allotment, the entry must immediately leave the ring.

Each entry must be waiting at the in-gate for its turn. Any entry showing out of order will have 5 points per judges’ card deducted from their score.

In Round One, each judge may award a numerical score from 1 to 100, 100 being the highest score.

After each entry has shown, the three judges’ scores will be added together to arrive at a final Round One score for the entry.

The top ten scoring entries (eleven if there is a tie for 10th) will advance to round two.

All scores from both rounds will be posted on the day following the class.

When the final entry has been judged, show officials will tabulate the scores. The top ten scoring weanlings (eleven if there is a tie for 10th place) will be asked to return for Round Two.

After a short break, the ten foals (eleven foals if there is a tie for 10th place), will be asked to return to the ring for final judging in Round Two.

These entries shall enter the ring in random order. These entries will then be judged in order of line up, both standing and at the trot.

In Round Two, one judge will be designated as the call judge and the Majority Opinion System will be used.

After all entries have been judged, the judges may ask to compare certain entries before marking and signing their cards.

The judging cards will then be tabulated and Champion through 10th place will be awarded in reverse order.

A numerical list of entries, order of appearance, sire and dam listing, and owner/handler information will be provided to the exhibitors and spectators by the Morgan Weanling Gala.

The three judge panel will consist of the primary judge selected by the Jubilee Morgan Horse Show plus two judges selected by the MWG shall officiate the Morgan Weanling Gala class.

Any entry placing 1st through 10th in the Morgan Weanling Gala class must be registered with the American Morgan Horse Association. If the entry is not yet registered, it will be DNAed immediately following the class. This DNA may be used in the registration of the entry. The DNA fee and any applicable veterinary fees will be deducted from that entry’s prize money. All prize money recipients will have to be DNA verified if they are not previously registered. No payout of awards can be made until all ten winners have been registered with AMHA.

The prize money payout will be determined by the number of stallions nominated for each year’s program and will be paid to the top ten winners and their sires as described below.

Prize money will be awarded after all ten winners have been registered with AMHA.
The total amount of prize money paid to the Top Ten placings shall be the sum of the Sire Nomination Fees received in that year (“Payout”). The Payout is distributed among the Top Ten placings according to the fixed Percentages indicated below with a fixed amount paid to the Sire Nominator and the variable balance paid to the Weanling.
The percentage distribution is as follows:

Less Sire Nominator