Sponsors & Donors

The Morgan Weanling Gala offers sincere thanks to our Sponsors and Donors for their support in 2015. Our sponsors cover all production and promotion cost, allowing 100% of the sire nomination fees to be paid out to the TOP TEN weanlings and their sires.




  • Elaine Galatz - Vegas Valley Morgans
  • Bruce, Susan & Nicole Peterson - Tudor Oaks Farm
  • Lexie Ellsworth
  • Ron & Kathy Berkheimer
  • Melissa Beck - Golden Lantern Farm



  • Melody Faber - Telishan Morgans

Our Donors always make this a very special event for the TOP TEN weanlings honored. So far in 2015, these special donations will add to the memory of that very special evening and are much appreciated:

  • Bob Morgan/Morgan Horse Farm - Champagne to Champion and Reserve Champion
  • Maretta Kennedy - The signature limited edition bronze trophies to Champion and Reserve
  • Appointments USA - The traditional foal sheets to all TOP TEN Weanlings. Visit them on Facebook
  • Howard Schatzbert Photography - Each of the Top 10 winners will be able to choose an 8 x 10 photo by Howie from the Gala.
  • Saddle Horse Report - A Full-page ad to both the 2015 Champion and 2015 Reserve Champion.
  • Anonymous Donor - Each of the TOP TEN Weanlings will also receive a Commemorative Award Glass to mark their achievement!

We also want to thank the American Morgan Horse Institute for their administrative support to the MWG.

And, finally, thanks to the Jubilee Regional Championship Morgan Horse Show for hosting this great event.

2014 Sponsors & Donors